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Quartet Records presents the premiere release of Philippe Sarde’s score for the 1994 art mystery Uncovered.

Based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s bestselling novel, Uncovered tells the story of a crime more than 500 years in the making. Julia (played by Kate Beckinsale in one of her first feature film roles) is a young art student, whose latest job involves the full restoration of a Medieval Flemish painting. While uncovering the centuries of dirt, she finds an ancient message that says “Who Killed the Knight?”. As soon as the message is revealed, people who are linked to the painting are killed. Since the painting feature a chess game, Julia enlists the help of the flamboyant chess prodigy Domenec in order to solve the mystery before more of her friends get killed.

The score by legendary French composer Philippe Sarde (Tess, Les choses de la vie, La guerre du feu) is based on a colorful mixture of influences, ranging from laid-back jazz pieces for the exotic city of Barcelona to tense, Medieval-flavored cues for the century-spanning mystery. From the soprano sax to the viola de gamba and the glass harmonica, Sarde uses a number of unusual instruments to make the score a real standout in his 200+ title filmography. The album contains the entire score specially edited by the composer himself for optimal listening experience. The richly illustrated 12-page booklet contains liner notes by Gergely Hubai, discussing the film and the score.


  1. Quis Necativ Equitem (2:41)
  2. The Chess Game (4:18)
  3. Julia (4:08)
  4. Barcelona (1:28)
  5. The Hidden Inscription (0:56)
  6. Obessions (2:51)
  7. Don Manuel (2:36)
  8. A Mistery of 500 Years Ago (2:45)
  9. Alvaro’s Death (1:35)
  10. Who Kill the Knight? (2:24)
  11. Uncovered (3:43)
  12. Suspicions (0:59)
  13. The Black Queen (0:47)
  14. Domenec (2:32)
  15. Night Walk (0:55)
  16. Encounter at Park Guell (3:32)
  17. Cesar (1:06)
  18. Beatrix de Burgundy (1:16)
  19. Qui La Tue Le Chavalier? (3:10)
  20. End Titles (3:07)
  21. Ostembourgh (0:17)