Quai d’Orsay

Philippe Sarde


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The eagerly anticipated new collaboration between director Bertrand Tavenier and composer Philippe Sarde, in their ninth film together, following such celebrated successes as Coup de Torchon, L.627, La fille de d’Artagnan and La Princesse de Montpensier.

Based on the popular comic book by Abel Lanzac and Christophe Blain, the plot of the new film by Tavernier is an acid comedy about the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (inspired by the ministry of Dominique de Villepin), starring Thierry Lhermitte, Raphaël Personnaz and Niels Arestrup.

The ironic and rhythmic score, masterfully written by Philippe Sarde, was recorded in Paris, orchestrated and conducted by Dominic Spagnolo, and performed by a great group of musicians – including Ridardo Del Fra (bass), Jean Pierlot (percussion), Fréderic Couderd (sax) and Raphaël Didjaman (didgeridoo). The album includes four songs by Colette Renard and Bertrand Bugalat.

The booklet includes an exclusive interview by Stéphane Lerouge with Betrand Tavernier, discussing both the music and the film.

The film opens in France on November 6th.


1. Arrivée au Quai d’Orsay (2:15)

2. Le bureau d’Arthur (1:39)

3. La routine (1:17)

4. Maupas (0:48)

5. Résolution d’un conflit (1:06)

6. Sandwich réflexion (0:42)

7. Stabylo (1:23)

8. La course du ministre (1:10)

9. Arrivée à New York (1:00)

10. Oubanga (2:06)

11. Manuel de résolution des crises (1:51)

12. Réveil d’urgence (2:10)

13. Discours à l’ONU (4:43)

Également inclus:

14. Les nuits d’une Demoiselle (Thierry Fremont) (0:45)

15. Les nuits d’une Demoiselle (Colette Renard) (2:27)

16. Step On the Gas! (April March / Bertrand Burgalat) (3:55)

17. Girl In Your Raindrop (Jöel Daydé / Bertrand Burgalat) (3:40)

18. Arrow In the Wall (Jöel Daydé / Bertrand Burgalat) (3:13)