Summertime Killer

Luis Bacalov


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Directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi (“That Man in Istanbul”, “They Came To Rob Las Vegas”), and starring Chris Mitchum, Olivia Hussey, Karl Malden, Claudine Auger and Raf Vallote, this coproduction between Spain and Italy was a huge box-office success at the time of its original release, later turning into a cult-film with millions of fans. Quentin Tarantino was one of the latter, paying homage to this film with the inclusion of one of the original tracks in his soundtrack to “Kill Bill”.

The score, written by Academy Award-winning composer Luis Bacalov in 1973, was only released in Japan in a deluxe but brief 25-minutes LP. In 1995 one most extensive edition of the score was issued in Italy by the label Point Records, in a CD now out-of-print and, for many years, hard-to-find. However, the previously unreleased tracks in the Point edition were presented in a non-too rational suite version.

Now, this thrilling score in a newly remastered, restored and most complete and definitive edition.


  1. Run And Run (3:15)
  2. Like A Play (3:02)
  3. The Summertime Killer (3:41)
  4. Motorcycle Circus (3:41)
  5. Lisboa´s Tram (2:05)
  6. The House on the Lake (5:20)
  7. Like A Play (3:44)
  8. Run And Run (3:16)
  9. The House on the Lake (2) (1:06)
  10. Run And Run (2) (1:01)
  11. The House on the Lake (3) (2:10)
  12. The Summertime Killer (lounge) (4:16)
  13. The House on the Lake (4) (0:59)
  14. Like A Play (2) (1:04)
  15. The House on the Lake (5) (1:16)
  16. Run And Run (3) (2:25)
  17. Like A Play (3) (1:13)
  18. The House on the Lake (6) (0:50)
  19. Like A Play (4) (1:30)
  20. The House on the Lake (7) (1:14)
  21. Like A Play (finale) (1:08)