Phantom Songs/Asalto al Castillo (2CD)

Alberto Iglesias


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Quartet Records is proud to present two brand-new recordings of four-time Academy Award-nominated composer Alberto Iglesias. PHANTOM SONGS and ASALTO AL CASTILLO are new compositions—both unlinked to the work of other artists—and his first two solo albums since the release of his ballet CAUTIVA in 1990. Different but complementary, the works reflect the eclectic and evocative style that has made him one of the most respected names in contemporary music.

In recent years, Alberto Iglesias has devoted himself to the development of these two albums, opening doors to a universe that goes far beyond the cinematographic, where mystery, sensuality and poetry are at the service of his music.

ASALTO AL CASTILLO was recorded in Brussels with the Flemish Radio Orchestra, cellist Marin Cazazu, mezzo-soprano Iris Oja, and Paul Hillier’s Theatre of Voices. It’s a vocal and orchestral work in nine movements for cello, mezzo-soprano, orchestra and choir, while PHANTOM SONGS features the prestigious collaboration of countertenor Carlos Mena, pianist Juan Pérez Floristán and the London Orchestra. It is written for countertenor, piano, choir, ensemble and orchestra and consists of nine parts: four songs, four antiphons and a short intermission.

The two albums are included in a two-CD box set with both discs in a luxurious package and a separate 36-page booklet.



1. Antífona 1 (7:52)

2. Late Echo (7:17)

3. Antífona 2 (4:43)

4. Voyageurs (11:52)

5. Umbral (2:43)

6. Antífona 3 (10:10)

7. La Resistenza e la sua luce (13:06)

8. Antífona 4 (4:05)

9. The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain (13:01)



1. Nervous Rex (9:08)

2. Pájaro con araña en la boca (11:11)

3. Early Music (5:57)

4. Something There (4:10)

5. Insignifiance (10:08)

6. Naturaleza muerta con cráneo de cordero (8:53)

7. Bataille en noir (7:15)

8. Aquí no hay nadie (5:49)

9. Double Meaning (4:43)

Bonus Track:

10. This Clonic Earth (4:24)