Vedo Nudo / Dove Vai Tutta Nuda?

Armando Trovajoli


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Quartet Records, in collaboration with GDM, presents an Armando Trovajoli double-header with two infectious scores for classic Italian comedies by Dino Risi and Pasquale Festa Campanile, both released in 1969.

VEDO NUDO is a portmanteau film directed by Dino Risi and starring Nino Manfredi in seven episodes of erotically charged madness. After the opening song, “Let’s Find Out” by Isabel Bond (accompanied by a suitably Bond-inspired titles sequence), the various episodes have different amounts and types of underscoring. Some are unscored, while others have wall-to-wall music, with the final segment, “Il dete nuto,” featuring the most amount of music for the funky 1960s photo shoots.

Pasquale Festa Campanile’s DOVE VAI TUTTA NUDA? is a more traditional comedy about a love triangle between an employee, his wife and a boss – with a thief thrown in for good measure. The film is relatively sparsely scored with an obvious focus on the theme song, ‘Dove vai tutta nuda?’ performed by the film’s star, Maria Grazia Buccella and I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. Trovajoli composed a short original score for this film, using some repertoire tracks and others that had just been recorded for VEDO NUDO. The selected highlights include the love theme for the married couple as well as the “Shake” played during the various break-ins of Vittorio Gassman’s master-thief character, Rufus Conforti.

VEDO NUDO was previously released on CD only in a 1997 Japanese limited edition, and nothing but the theme song from DOVE VAI TUTTA NUDA? has been previously released. Claudio Fuiano produced this Quartet duo with the support of the Trovajoli estate, and Chris Malone mastered the audio. The lavishly illustrated 12-page liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the films and their scores.



1. Let’s Find Out (Titoli di Testa) (3:31)

2. Vedo Nudo (Diva Waltz) (2:16)

3. Vedo Nudo (Adulterio) (3:29)

4. Vedo Nudo (Partenza col Ferito) (0:56)

5. Vedo Nudo (L’ultima Vergine) (3:25)

6. Vedo Nudo (Udienza a Porte Chiuse) (0:29)

7. Vedo Nudo (Il Guardone) (3:25)

8. Vedo Nudo (Diva Waltz 2) (0:38)

9. Crazy (3:59)

10. Vedo Nudo (Adulterio 2) (0:27)

11. Ornella (2:03)

12. Vedo Nudo (Il Detenuto) (2:58)

13. Vedo Nudo (Diva Samba) (1:49)

14. Blue Like a Dream (3:06)

15. Vedo Nudo (L’ultima Vergine 2) (2:59)

16. Vedo Nudo (Il Detenuto 2) (2:02)

17. Let’s find out (Edda Version) (0:21)

18. Vedo Nudo (L’ultima Vergine 3) (0:54)

19. Ornella (Alt. Mix) (2:23)

20. Let’s find out (Alt. Sexy Version) (3:43)


21. Dove Vai Tutta Nuda? (Titoli) (3:40)

22. Dove Vai Tutta Nuda? (Sogno Hawaiano) (2:33)

23. Dove Vai Tutta Nuda? (Vittorio Gassman Shake) (2:09)

24. Dove Vai Tutta Nuda? (Momento d’amore) (1:29)

25. Scarpe Gialle (2:43)

26. Dove Vai Tutta Nuda? (Finale) (2:13)