Un Uomo da Rispettare / Senza Movente

Ennio Morricone


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Quartet Records in collaboration wit Gruppo Sugar and GDM reissues two excellent Morricone suspense scores from great 70s crime films.  

Un uomo da rispettare (aka The Master Touch) stars Kirk Douglas as a master thief who plans to retire after a final heist, going up against the most professional security system of the era. By recruiting a young acrobat (Giulano Gemma) to supply the perfect alibi, our hero is in for a surprise when loyalties shift within his team. Featuring the haunting flugelhorn solo by Cicci Santucci, the 11-and-half minute heist music is among Morricone’s best suspense scores – the album also includes experimental electronic textures which are used to take down the security system.  

Senza movente (aka Sans mobile apparent) is a 1971 French crime thriller about an investigator (Jean-Louis Trintignant) looking into the murders of seemingly unrelated people, all shot down by a mysterious assassin. Morricone score perfectly captures the paranoia taking over the French Riviera with an eerie main theme adorned with the whistling of Alessandro Alessandroni and a distinctive mellophone solo by Maria Verzella. An excellent 70s thriller score, Senza movente offers tuneful diversions for the investigation, including two powerful montage cues which appear in the film with no overlapping dialogue or effects.

While both scores have been released previously, this pairing brings out the best from both of them. Newly remastered by Claudio Fuiano from first generation master tapes, the package includes 16-page liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the films and the scores as well as include a discography note about how different releases compare to each other.



1. Un uomo da rispettare (11:34)

2. Un tempo infinito (4:19)

3. Prima di lasciarla (2:36)

4. A Florinda (3:04)

5. Colpo parallelo (3:46)

6. L’incarico (2:01)

7. 18 Pari (3:16)

8. A Florinda (2:43)

9. Un uomo da rispettare (2:45)

  • Conducted by Nicola Samale


10. Senza motivo apparente (4:20)

11. Sospensione folle (2:35)

12. Il movente (2:28)

13. Ricerca (2:10)

14. In pieno petto (2:23)

15. Senza motivo apparente (2) (5:04)

16. Ricerca (2) (2:29)

17. Senza motivo apparente (3) (1:58)

18. Sospensione folle (2) (1:40)

19. Senza motivo apparente (4) (1:20)

20. In pieno petto (2) (1:41)

21. Il movente (2) (2:27)

22. Senza motivo apparente (5) (2:29)

  • Conducted by Bruno Nicolai
  • Whistle: Alessandro Alessandroni