Tre Fratelli

Piero Piccioni


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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar and Revelation Music Italy, presents the world- premiere release of the highly requested score by Piero Piccioni (MORE THAN A MIRACLE, CADAVERI ECCELENTI, PLAYGIRL 70, SARTANA) in his iconic collaboration with director Francesco Rosi, with whom he began working in 1959 on the film I MAGLIARI and continued until 1987 with CHRONICLE OF A DEATH ANNOUNCED.

TRE FRATELLI, winner of four Nastro di Argento and nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, stars Philippe Noiret, Michele Placido, Vittorio Mezzogiorno and Andrea Ferréol. It’s a strong and moving drama about the relationships of three brothers who return to the village where they were born after the death of their mother.

Piero Piccioni composed a deeply delicate score dominated by one of his most beautiful themes: a bittersweet melody for piano and strings that dominates the score in different and intimate versions. Although it was one of the most desired scores by the composer’s fans, and one of his greatest efforts in the last part of his career, the score of TRE FRATELLI has remained unreleased until today (only one track was released on a French vinyl dedicated to the Rosi-Piccioni collaboration in the early eighties). This edition includes the complete score from original master tapes vaulted in mint condition at the Piccioni estate and transferred in high resolution. The album has been sequenced by Claudio Fuiano and mastered by Chris Malone, and is packaged in a three-sided folding digipack.


  1. Tre Fratelli (Tema pianoforte 5) 3:44
  2. Tre Fratelli (Tema archi 1) 3:35
  3. Tre Fratelli (Tema arpa) 3:34
  4. Tre Fratelli (Tema bambina A) 3:40
  5. Tre Fratelli (Tema chitarra 3) 3:37
  6. Tre Fratelli (Tema archi 2 celesta) 1:52
  7. Tre Fratelli (Tema oboe 1) 3:36
  8. Tre Fratelli (Tema archi 8) 4:09
  9. Tre Fratelli (Tema pianoforte 1) 3:35
  10. Tre Fratelli (Tema bambina C) 3:39
  11. Tre Fratelli (Tema archi 3 – La minore) 1:49
  12. Tre Fratelli (Tema pianoforte 2) 3:40
  13. Tre Fratelli (Tema bambina D) 4:34
  14. Tre Fratelli (Tema chitarra 2º versione) 3:36
  15. Tre Fratelli (Tema synth) 3:37
  16. Tre Fratelli (Tema corno inglese e oboe 2) 3:36
  17. Tre Fratelli (Tema pianoforte 3) 3:41
  18. Tre Fratelli (Tema pianoforte 7 / Organo solo) 2:38
  19. Tre Fratelli (Tema bambina E) 1:55
  20. Tre Fratelli (Tema chitarra 4º versione) 2:05
  21. Tre Fratelli (Tema archi e pianoforte) 1:56
  22. Tre Fratelli (Tema secondo synth) 3:36