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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, is glad to present the expanded CD premiere of lovely romantic Stelvio Cipriani score for the Spanish-Italian coproduction Timanfaya (amor prohibido).

Timanfaya is a famous volcano located on the Canary Islands, where tourists can come and marvel at this natural wonder that’s so hot, the ground can vaporize water. This is the setting for the doomed romantic triangle starring Patty Shepard as the beautiful but sexually inexperienced wife, Fernando Sancho as the older husband and Christian Roberts as the bohemian artist who stands between the two. Singled out for its fantastic location photography, Timanfaya is one of the few island romance films that takes place in Europe, but could have been shot in the Pacific.

Stelvio Cipriani’s score is one of his four collaborations with director José Antonio de la Loma. As usual, the romance is presented through a beautifully lyrical love theme, a specialty of the composer. The other main character in the film is the titular volcano whose natural majesty is represented with a hypnotic organ effect – an ideal accompaniment for the smoldering mountain. The heavenly siren-like voice is courtesy of Nora Orlandi.

The soundtrack album was only released at his date in Spain on LP before; this CD premiere includes the original program with 10 previously unreleased bonus tracks. 8-page full color booklet is richly illustrated, liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score.


1. Timanfaya (3:23)

2. La ruta de los vulcanes (3:57)

3. Escapada en fuerabordo (2:14)

4. Playa del Bollullo (1:33)

5. Primer en quentro (1:47)

6. Discoteca (1:49)

7. Playa de Famara (2:41)

8. Puerto de la Cruz (1:58)

9. La montaña de fuego (3:54)

10. Estudio artístico (3:42)

11. Isla de la Graciosa (1:34)

12. Las Cañadas (4:04)

Bonus Tracks

13. Estudio artístico (3:49)

14. Timanfaya (Piano solo) (4:42)

15. Puerto de la Cruz (1:39)

16. Las Cañadas (2:50)

17. La montaña de fuego (3:01)

18. Discoteca (Film version) (1:02)

19. La montaña de fuego (4:00)

20. Timanfaya (2:40)

21. Estudio artístico (Piano solo) (4:42)

22. Timanfaya (3:49)