The Russia House

Jerry Goldsmith


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Quartet Records, Universal Music Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present the remastered, expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s romantic noir score for the spy-drama The Russia House, a 1990 adaptation of a John Le Carré novel directed by Fred Schepisi, and starring Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeifer, Roy Scheider, James Fox and Klaus Maria Brandauer.

First of the collaborations between Goldsmith and Schepisi (they would continue working together on several films, giving Goldsmith the opportunity to write some of the most unusual—and controversial—scores of his final period), The Russia House was composed just after Total Recall, but is a radically different score. It’s one of the most intimate, melodic and special scores composed by Goldsmith in the nineties, and one of the composer’s personal favorites as well.

MCA released a generous 61-minute CD in 1990, including most of the score, but missing some key suspense cues. We now present the complete score with more than 15 minutes of unreleased music. This edition has been produced by Mike Matessino, with tracks prepared by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Matessino from the original mixes by Bruce Botnick. The package includes a 16-page full color booklet with Dirk Wickenden providing in-depth liner notes and musical analysis of this masterful Goldsmith score.



  1. Katya (4:03)
  2. First Meeting (2:05)
  3. The Package / London House / We’ve Got Him (1:37)
  4. Introductions (3:16)
  5. The Conversation (4:17)
  6. Portrait of Katya (0:49)
  7. Training (2:05)
  8. Katya and Barley (2:35)
  9. Who Is He? (1:32)
  10. First Name, Yakov (2:57)
  11. All Alone (0:37)
  12. Bon Voyage (2:15)
  13. The Meeting (4:02)
  14. I’m With You (What Is This Thing Called Love?) (2:42)
  15. The Lie Detector (2:17)
  16. The Gift (2:38)
  17. Full Marks (2:32)
  18. Barley’s Love (3:30)
  19. My Only Country (4:40)
  20. Crossing Over (4:17)
  21. The Cemetery (1:17)
  22. The Deal (4:14)
  23. The Family Arrives (7:43)
  24. Alone in the World (Vocal by Patti Austin) (4:14)
  25. Barley’s Love (Film Version) (3:32)