The Pope of Greenwich Village

Dave Grusin


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World premiere release of the dynamic, emotional score by Dave Grusin for the Stuart Rosenberg cult mafia-film of 1984, starring Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts and Daryl Hannah.

A warm jazz-based tune opens an outstanding score range of styles: from rhythmic jazz-funk to electronic sounds, from full symphonic music to bittersweet piano pieces “made in the Grusin style”. In fact, this score is a delight for Grusin fans because it is a perfect compendium of his approaches, including the dramatically complex orchestrations of “The Yakuza”, the contemporary jazz sounds of “Tootsie”, the delicacy of “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” and his subsequent noir score for “Mulholland Falls.” All can be found here.

In addition to his original score, Grusin adapts and conducts one of the most memorable and thematic uses of jazz standards in New York City’s cinematic history, all of them included in the “extras” section of this album.

Although this was a major work in the composer’s career, the album of “The Pope of Greenwich Village” was never released. Fortunately a complete set with the 24 multi-tracks session were preserved in the MGM vaults in mint condition. Every second of music composed, adapted and recorded by Dave Grusin has been included in this album.

The 20-page booklet includes liner notes by Daniel Schweiger, with also provides exclusive interviews with Dave Grusin and producer Gene Kirkwood, who discuss the film’s production history and music.



Composed and Conducted by Dave Grusin

1. Theme From “The Pope of Greenwich Village” (0:59)

2. Unemployed (1:14)

3. Pigeons (1:07)

4. Hustle Montage (2:16)

5. Chinatown (1:03)

6. Summon’s Dance (1:37)

7. Country Inn (0:38)

8. The Caper (Original Version) (7:13)

9. Bunky Dies (1:32)

10. A Failed Plan (0:31)

11. Cowboys (0:40)

12. Couple of Gentlemen (1:27)

13. Mrs. Ritter (0:34)

14. Goodbye Diane (0:59)

15. Uncle Peter (2:01)

16. Barney See Cops (0:55)

17. Diane Gone (1:05)

18. They Took my Thumb (1:10)

19. For the Three of Us (0:52)

20. Charlie in the Kitchen (0:54)

21. Two (0:58)

22. Track Drive (1:21)

23. Horse Race (0:48)

24. Showdown (1:45)

25. Coffee, Eddie (1:36)

26. Paulie and Charlie (0:42)


Arranged and Conducted by Dave Grusin

27. You Stepped out a Dream (N.J. Brown, A. Freed) (3:10)

28. New York New York (F. Ebb, J. Kander) (1:21)

29. A Kiss to Build a Dream (O. Hammerstein II, B. Kalmar, H. Ruby) (3:57)

30. Blue Moon (R. Rodgers, L. Hart) (3:04)

31. The Shadow of Your Smile (P.F. Webster, J. Mandel) (2:56)

32. Summer Wind (J. Mercer, H. Bradtke, H. Mayer) (0:50)

33. New York New York (Alternate) (F. Ebb, J. Kander) (0:59)

34. Aerobic Dance Class (1) (D. Grusin) (2:19)

35. Aerobic Dance Class (2) (D. Grusin) (1:18)

36. Break Dance (D. Grusin) (3:05)

37. Theme From “The Pope of Greenwich Village” (Alternate) (0:58)

38. Theme From “The Pope of Greenwich Village” (0:55)

  • (Piano soloist: Dave Grusin)