Studs Lonigan

Jerry Goldsmith


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Long-awaited reissue of one of the most appreciated Jerry Goldsmith’s early film scores. Almost a decade after its world premiere release by the Varèse-Sarabande CD Club, “Studs Lonigan” returns in remastered stereo sound, with cues presented in film order—as originally conceived by Jerry Goldsmith for the picture.

Orchestrated and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. Featuring John Williams, piano soloist. Produced by Douglass Fake, who saved and restored the only surviving tapes in the mid-nineties. The 16-page booklet, lavishly illustrated with film stills, contains extensive liner notes (including track-by-track analysis) written by Jeff Bond.


  1. Main Title (2:00)
  2. A New Year (2:32)
  3. A Game of Pool (6:30)
  4. Protection (2:08)
  5. Out of Work Part.1 (1:38)
  6. The Job (1:11)
  7. The Sing (1:34)
  8. Out of Work Part.2 (2:15)
  9. Catherine (1:31)
  10. No Hate (3:28)
  11. No Break (0:53)
  12. The Crises (0:39)
  13. The Depression (3:41)
  14. Destitute Man (2:35)