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Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present the expanded release of Alan Silvestri’s (Critical Condition, Forrest Gump, The Mummy Returns) original score to Soapdish, a 1991 hilarious comedy about the backstage “drama” on a TV soap opera. The film stars Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr., Elisabeth Shue and Whoopi Goldberg; it was directed by Michael Hoffman.

Alan Silvestri’s fully orchestral work provides one of his most elaborate and memorable comedy scores. It gives a fresh, dynamic sound to the film, dominated by Caribbean rhythms – including a beautiful love theme, some action music, ironic suspense cues and fanfares for TV awards.

Soapdish was originally released by Varese Sarabande in 1991, but our edition is about double the length of that previous album. It includes everything Silvestri composed and recorded for the film, presented in film order and fully remastered from the original recording sources provided by Paramount Pictures. The package includes a 12-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Andy Dursin.



1. Mambo Glamoroso (Main Title) (3:56)

2. TV Awards Music (2:14)

3. On the Machine (0:49)

4. Miss Moorhead’s Tango (0:52)

5. Towel Drop (0:30)

6. You’re Fired (Just Kidding) (1:41)

7. Fan Montage (0:41)

8. Make Maggie a Murderer (0:34)

9. Mr. Barnes’ Cha Cha Cha (2:15)

10. In the Soup Kitchen (0:54)

11. I Want Celeste to Burn (1:20)

12. Makeover Mambo (0:29)

13. Good for Me (0:37)

14. The Bus (0:40)

15. Mambo Incognito (2:25)

16. Now! (0:36)

17. First Kiss (1:08)

18. Life is Soap is Life is… (2:13)

19. Lori Meets the Press (1:14)

20. Lori’s Poster / Montana Blue Scarf (1:04)

21. Newspaper (0:21)

22. Mambo Nervoso (0:46)

23. Sunset’s Showdown (1:52)

24. Brain Surgery (1:47)

25. She’s a Boy! (2:20)

26. Lori Wins (0:34)

27. El Sol También Se Pone (End Titles) (3:05)

Bonus Tracks

28. Makeover Mambo (Album version) (2:32)

29. The Bus (Alternate) (0:40)

30. Life is Soap is Life is… (Album version) (2:01)

31. Mall Source (2:37)

32. The Opa Locka Bar (Source) (2:13)

33. Jeffrey and Lori Have Lunch (Source) (2:17)

34. In the Soup Kitchen (Alternate) (0:54)

35. Mr. Barnes’ Cha Cha Cha (Alternate) (2:37)

36. Lori Meets the Press (Alternate A) (0:38)

37. Lori Meets the Press (Alternate B) (1:13)

38. Lori Meets the Press (Alternate C) (1:13)

39. Lori Wins (Alternate) (0:44)

40. El Sol También Se Pone (Instrumental) (3:02)