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Quartet Records, in collaboration with MGM, presents a remastered, slightly expanded CD reissue of SCORPIO (1973), one of the most celebrated collaborations between composer Jerry Fielding and director Michael Winner.

This CIA thriller starring Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon and Paul Scofield, gave Fielding, a key composer in American ’70s cinema, the opportunity to create a haunting Parisian melody, which he surrounds with his trademark complex motifs, aggressive rhythms and electrifying action cues, all done in his unique voice and avant-garde style.

Fielding prepared an LP for United Artists Records in 1973, but it was ultimately aborted. It was finally released in 1978 within the Elmer Bernstein Film Music Collection in a limited print run. It subsequently made its CD debut on one of the promotional volumes devoted to Jerry Fielding on the Bay Cities label. Intrada released the first official CD edition in 2008 that quickly sold out. For this edition, Chris Malone has rebuilt all the elements and remastered the music in pristine sound. The package includes in-depth liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond.


  1. Main Title 2:32
  2. Target Zim 0:51
  3. In The Aircraft 3:05
  4. Reflections Of Cathood 2:23
  5. CIA Tail 4:54
  6. Susan’s Apartment 2:28
  7. I Have To Go Deep 1:55
  8. Two Ways To Walk 2:02
  9. I Picked You Up 1:23
  10. The Big Wheel 3:39
  11. The Imperial Vaults 3:42
  12. In The Greenhouse 4:09
  13. Zharhov Wags His Tail 3:25
  14. Into The Underground 7:05
  15. Cocktails At Heck’s House 3:14
  16. The Thief 0:37
  17. Zharkov Bites His Tail 2:35
  18. Nothing But Enemies 1:16
  19. Boiler Room 2:10
  20. Miff Dives 1:04
  21. All Fall Down 4:34
  22. Un Día De Julio (Vocal) 1:49
  23. Into The Underground (Film Version / Partial) 2:36
  24. All Fall Down (Alternate) 4:29

Total Disc Time: 68:11