Sad Hill Unearthed

Zeltia Montes


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Quartet Records is glad to present the new film score composed by Zeltia Montes (The Happets in the Kingdom of the Sun, Vilamor, Frágil Equilibrio) for the film documentary Sad Hill Unearthed, directed by Guillermo de Oliveira.

The film is about some fans of Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad and the Ugly who visit the location of the film’s final sequence in Burgos, Spain. They want to unearth and bring back to life the iconic Sad Hill Cemetery, abandoned for 49 years and now covered with vegetation. News spreads quickly and every weekend people from all over Europe start visiting the location to help in its reconstruction. Sad Hill Unearthed explores the fans’ dreams and their motivations, and how art, music and culture influence people to become a transcendental search experience.

The film’s director, Guillermo de Olivieira, says, “I believe music to be the best vehicle for conveying emotions. Leone knew this, as did Morricone. As a result, composing an original soundtrack that could reflect the impact of their work 50 years later was an incredible challenge. It would generate doubt even in the most confident of composers.” Far from trying a pastiche of music for spaghetti westerns or the recognizable Morricone sound, Zeltia Montes took the path of writing a score deeply respectful of how something can become iconic and important for many people around the world. An organic, exciting, vigorous and tremendously personal score, it is performed by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra.


  1. Abandonement (1:39)
  2. Opening Credits – Traces (2:18)
  3. First Time (4:52)
  4. Discovery (0:43)
  5. Paradise (1:24)
  6. Genesis (1:18)
  7. Young Soldiers (2:00)
  8. First Stone (2:21)
  9. Altruism (2:45)
  10. The Bridge (3:13)
  11. Preparations (2:44)
  12. Arena (2:26)
  13. Unearthed (3:02)
  14. Obsession (1:15)
  15. Loss (2:47)
  16. Pilgrimage (3:13)
  17. Communion (1:01)
  18. The Message (3:27)
  19. 50 Years (1:14)
  20. Sunrise (0:57)