Revenge of the Pink Panther

Henry Mancini


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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Capitol Records and MGM, proudly presents the definitive edition of Blake Edwards’ Revenge of the Pink Panther, the last film featuring Peter Sellers as the clumsy Inspector Clouseau (Trail of the Pink Panther was shot in 1982 after Sellers’ death; it was edited with outtakes from previous Panther films).

Naturally, the score was composed by Henry Mancini. In addition to including his iconic “Pink Panther Theme” in ’70s disco style, Mancini provided more than an hour of new, original material. Full of classy melodies, the score contains two fine romantic tunes (“After the Shower” and “Simone”), a funny pop song with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse (“Move ’Em Out”), a frantic chase scene along the streets of Hong Kong, and lots of descriptive music.

The original album was released on LP by United Artist Records in 1978 and reissued on compact disc by Capitol Records in 1988. It has been out of print and very difficult to find for a long time. This album is the first-ever release of Mancini’s complete score, presented in pristine stereo.

The package includes a full-color 16-page insert with liner notes and track-by-track analysis by film music writer John Takis.


  1. The Mafia Meeting (2:17)
  2. Main-Title-The Pink Panther Theme (4:41)
  3. Enter Mr. Chong (1:10)
  4. Not Tonight Cato (3:30)
  5. The Silver Hornet (0:15)
  6. Madame Jacque (3:08)
  7. French Taps (0:42)
  8. A Touch of Red (5:31)
  9. Almond Eyes (3:15)
  10. Ode to Clouseau (2:04)
  11. Thar She Blows (2:51)
  12. Move’em Out! (3:23)
  13. Give Me Some Mo’! (2:55)
  14. After the Shower (3:39)
  15. Simone (4:31)
  16. The Fire Escape (1:11)
  17. Balls’ Caprice (2:34)
  18. Welcome to Hong Kong (1:23)
  19. Enter Scallini (0:24)
  20. Simone (Piano Lounge) (1:29)
  21. To the Shipyards (2:58)
  22. Before the Fireworks/Hong-Kong Fireworks (3:59)
  23. Salute to Clouseau (1:28)
  24. Finale-The Pink Panther Theme (0:57)
  25. Main Title-The Pink Panther Theme (Album Version) (4:35)
  26. Hong Kong Fireworks (Album Version) (3:19)
  27. Thank Heaven for Little Girls (Album Version) (2:32)