Plan de fuga

Pascal Gaigne


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Quartet Records and Atresmedia Música present the soundtrack album of a vigorous, dramatic score composed by Pascal Gaigne (Loreak, Lasa & Zabala, El olivo, El faro de las orcas) for the action thriller Plan de fuga, directed by Iñaki Dorronsoro, and starring Alain Hernández, Luis Tosar, Javier Gutiérrez and Eva Martín.

The film is about Víctor, a professional crook who joins a dangerous gang of criminals made up entirely of Eastern ex-military. It’s a closed group that, upon the death of one of its own, is forced to recruit a new member to rob a bank. Victor’s work: drilling into the bank vault.

This score differs greatly from Pascal Gaigne’s usual style, yet it is very intense, exciting, vibrant, sometimes romantic and dark. An orchestral tour-de-force (with added electronic textures and jazz influences), it is performed by The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Hernando.

Pascal Gaigne won the Best Original Music Award for this score at the 2017 Malaga Film Festival.


  1. Plan de fuga (1:25)
  2. En casa de Ramón (2:30)
  3. ¡Es él! / Hay un problema / Primer butrón (6:19)
  4. Torre norte (3:40)
  5. Tenía un amigo / En casa (2:40)
  6. Artificiero (1:40)
  7. No me encuentro bien / Hay alguien fuera (3:37)
  8. ¿Qué es esto? (1:31)
  9. Cama (Vamos de viaje) (2:22)
  10. Garaje (1:17)
  11. Atraco (9:16)
  12. El túnel 1 (4:21)
  13. El túnel 2 (1:12)
  14. Conversación Tango (1:48)
  15. Perdóname / Plan de fuga (Créditos) (5:15)