Nel nome del Padre

Nicola Piovani


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Expanded CD release of the religiously-charged score by Nicola Piovani (La notte di San Lorenzo, Fellini’s Intervista, Caro Diario, La vita é bella) for the film by Marco Bellocchio.

Marco Bellocchio’s Nel nome del Padre is among the director’s most controversial works which is quite a statement considering his filmography. The film tells the story of Angelo Transeunti, a mean-spirited boy who had just been sent to a strict religious boarding school. Using his personal charisma in gaining leadership of the boys, Angelo starts a chaotic reign in the institution with no regards of whom or what he may hurt in the process…

The film marked the first collaboration between Bellocchio and composer Nicola Piovani who worked with the director on many other films like Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina (1972), Il gabbiano (1977) or Marcia trionfale (1976) – also released by Quartet Records.- Piovani’s score for Nel nome del Padre tries to be as delightfully sacrilegious as the film itself, featuring Baroque and Classical tunes laid out against the horrific scenes of Angelo’s rampage, not to mention the haunting choral and organ passages for the religious setting.

The score was previously issued on LP and the same program received its CD premiere in 1996 by Point Records. Quartet Records presents the complete program of the score, mastered by Claudio Fuiano from the first generation stereo master tapes, featuring new cues and alternate takes of music that was already featured on the original soundtrack, though in an abbreviated form. The 8-page booklet featured liner notes by Gergely Hubai.



1. Nel nome del padre (2:13)

2. La scommessa (2:50)

3. La cappella (4:12)

4. Matematicus (2:48)

5. Il collegio (2:32)

6. Il valzer dei servi (3:07)

7. Lo scalone (4:00)

8. Rocchetto e mozzetta (1:36)

9. I giochi dei servi (3:06)

10. Il teatro dei transeunti (2:26)

11. A) La carezza della vergine – B) Barada nichtum (3:46)

Bonus Tracks

12. La scommessa (film version) (0:59)

13. Matematicus (film version) (0:36)

14. Il valzer dei servi (film version) (1:41)

15. Rocchetto e mozzetta (film version) (0:38)

16. Nel nome del padre (film version) (0:52)

17. I giochi dei servi (alternate version) (1:48)

18. Barada nichtum (film version) (1:21)

19. Lo scalone (film version) (2:15)