Miel de naranjas

Nuno Malo


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“Miel de naranjas” is one of the more expected Spanish films of the year. Directed by Imanol Uribe (El rey pasmado, Bwana, La carta esférica), tells the plot of Enrique and Carmen, who have just met, fall deeply in love in the Andalucia of 1950’s. Carmen manages to get her boyfriend assigned to the city courthouse to do his military service. Enrique witnesses injustices every day and realizes that if he wants to change things, he will have to take action. He soon finds himself caught up in dangerous situations that place his life and that of his companions at risk.

The original music was written by the young Portuguese composer Nuno Malo, renowned author of film scores like “The Celestine Prophecy”, “Julgamento” and “Amalia”, for which he won the IFMCA Award in 2010.

Nuno Malo has written a powerful, intensely emotional and delicate score, a romantic light in contrast to the horrors and cruelty of the Spanish post-war. The beautiful and sad love theme, written for solo cello, has been performed by the prestigious cellist Tina Guo, with the background of the ever-efficient Budapest Symphony Orchestra.


  1. Miel de naranjas (La edad de la oscuridad) (4:18)
  2. Primera ejecución (1:33)
  3. Naranjas (0:39)
  4. Enrique y Carmen (3:43)
  5. Grand finale tragico (4:03)
  6. Carmen besa a don Eladio (0:44)
  7. El comunismo es como un cáncer (0:58)
  8. El día que abre los ojos (0:51)
  9. Archivos (0:35)
  10. Claro que me preocupo (0:53)
  11. Malas noticias (1:29)
  12. Enrique y la rabia (1:43)
  13. Don José es ejecutado (1:04)
  14. Carmen esconde algo (0:51)
  15. El papel en el bolsillo (0:38)
  16. Enrique va al cine (0:43)
  17. Casa de miel (0:39)
  18. Páginas en la pared (3:10)
  19. Tema de Ana (2:14)
  20. Discurso de don Eladio (1:02)
  21. Tercera ejecución (1:53)
  22. Revelación (2:40)
  23. El secreto (1:57)
  24. Antes del robo / El robo (3:34)
  25. Huida (3:21)
  26. El beso (0:36)
  27. Foto de Tánger (1:14)