Los del túnel

Carles Cases


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Quartet Records is glad to present its first collaboration with the great and well-known composer Carles Cases (Mi nombre es sombra, Amic/Amat, Besos para todos, Caricias, Le grand batre, La vida abismal). After a few years away from the cinema, Cases returns with Los del túnel, a comedy directed by Pepón Montero. Thirteen people survive a tunnel collapse and vow to celebrate being alive by meeting every Friday. But these colorful characters must move on with their lives—and the task may prove more challenging than they had expected.

Carles Cases provides an epic and romantic score, with delicate orchestration and a beautiful, flowing leitmotif that winds slowly throughout the entire film.

Performed by The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer, with some soloists recorded in Barcelona, this score represents the return to the big screen of an indispensable composer of Spanish cinema.


  1. LDT (5:18)
  2. Esperanza (6:13)
  3. La poli (3:56)
  4. Una mano negra (3:11)
  5. Out túnel (4:02)
  6. Tus pastillas (2:44)
  7. Mismo lugar (5:27)
  8. Saliendo (4:18)
  9. Alguien bebió (1:53)
  10. Tía Laura (2:57)
  11. Sal del armario (1:59)
  12. Paranoico (6:13)
  13. Romance (5:45)