Les Deux Amis / E la Chiamano Estate

Philippe Sarde


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New score by legendary composer Philippe Sarde (Les choses de la vie, Tess, Fort Saganne, Quai d’Orsay) for the directorial debut of young French actor Louis Garrel (Dreamers, Love Songs).

The film is about Vincent (Vincent Macaigne) who has known Mona (Golshifteh Farahani) barely a week but he’s already completely in love with her. He plays extras on films, she sells sandwiches at a train station in Paris. But Mona has a secret: she goes home to prison every night. When Vincent doesn’t understand her intentions, he asks his only friend, Abel (Louis Garrel), for help …

Louis Garrel wanted an intimate score for his film—one that would be reminiscent of music from films by Claude Sautet, Georges Lautner or Andre Tecchine. That sound could only be provided by Philippe Sarde. Sarde’s sensitive effort involves all the feelings and sensations—both shown and hidden—in the film. The music was recorded in Paris, at l’Église du Liban, whose sensational acoustic provides added value to this special score.

The album also includes the complete and previously unreleased score composed by Sarde for the 2012 Italian film E la chiamano Estate, directed by Paolo Franchi. The music was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Dominique Spagnolo.


1. Sortie de prison (2:18)

2. 2. Les douches (1:17)

3. 3. Les baisers (2:41)

4. Mai 68 (2:43)

5. L’oiseau (1:21)

6. Le tournage (2:47)

7. La lettre (1:55)

8. L’attente (2:54)

9. Le malaise (0:41)

10. A la porte (1:25)

11. Le café (1:32)

12. Retour en prison (3:16)

13. La course (1:58)

Également inclus la bande originale du film E LA CHIAMANO ESTATE composée par Philippe Sarde

14. E la chiamano Estate – Mouv. I (1:12)

15. E la chiamano Estate – Mouv. II (6:43)

16. E la chiamano Estate – Mouv. III (3:23)

17. E la chiamano Estate – Mouv. IV (3:03)

18. E la chiamano Estate – Mouv. V (9:13)

19. E la chiamano Estate – Mouv. VI (1:26)