Lady Lucifera (Polvos mágicos)

Stelvio Cipriani


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Quartet Records in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar presents the world premiere release of Stelvio Cipriani Spanish horror comedy score.

José Ramón Larraz’s Lady Lucifera (aka Polvos mágicos) tells the story of Sulfurina (Carmen Villani), the Devil’s Daughter has a special gift to remain young forever until she keeps sacrificing her husbands to Satan. She lives in a strange mansion haunted by the unlikeliest of ghouls: a gay ghost who literally lives in the closet, voodoo dolls coming alive, a midget who enjoys hiding under skirts, the dead rising from the grave and even a talking skull… The peace of this ghastly family is shaken up by the arrival of possible suitors.

The goblinesque music by Stelvio Cipriani focuses on the oversexed female protagonist and features a piano, a guitar and some soft synth textures lending a delicately spooky atmosphere to the opening. The theme is mostly linked to the guests’ failed attempts at romancing Sulfurina (or the other female guests), but it later gains a more genuine emotional response when the heroine seemingly gives up her evil ways in her new marriage…

Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the premiere release includes an 8-page booklet with lush colourful stills capturing the odd guests of Sulfurina’s castle, plus liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film, the composer and the score.


  1. Lady Lucifera – Seq.1 (2:13)
  2. Lady Lucifera – Seq.2 (2:29)
  3. Lady Lucifera – Seq.3 (2:15)
  4. Lady Lucifera – Seq.4 (1:40)
  5. Lady Lucifera – Seq.5 (1:56)
  6. Lady Lucifera – Seq.6 (3:06)
  7. Lady Lucifera – Seq.7 (5:14)
  8. Lady Lucifera – Seq.8 (1:17). 
  9. Lady Lucifera – Seq.9 (2:09)
  10. Lady Lucifera – Seq.10 (3:25)
  11. Lady Lucifera – Seq.11 (1:13)
  12. Lady Lucifera – Seq.12 (3:09)
  13. Lady Lucifera – Seq.13 (1:52)
  14. Lady Lucifera – Seq.14 (3:43)
  15. Lady Lucifera – Seq.15 (3:45)