La trinchera infinita

Pascal Gaigne


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Quartet Records presents the new score by Pascal Gaigne (El Olivo, Errementari, El faro de las orcas, Remember Me) for the new film by Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga, directors with whom Gaigne had already worked on some of his best scores: 80 Eguiunean, Loreak and Handia.

La trinchera infinita is about Higinio (Antonio de la Torre) and Rosa (Belén Cuesta), who are newlyweds when the Spanish Civil War breaks out. When his life becomes seriously threatened, Higinio decides to use a hole dug in his own house (with his wife’s help) as a temporary hiding place. The fear of possible reprisals and the love they feel for one another will eventually mean he’s forced to hide there for over 30 years.

Composing the music for this film was a challenge for the composer. He gave his score a kind of darkness and Impressionistic color, with delicate orchestration, electronic textures, and a flowing leitmotif that unfolds slowly throughout the entire score. The music is performed by The Budapest Art Orchestra, conducted by Peter Pejtsik, and recorded by Mikel F. Krutzaga.

The previously unreleased score by Pascal Gaigne for the short film by the same three directors, Metaoren Ama, has been included as a bonus.



1. Noche transfigurada (3:01)

2. La trinchera infinita (1:40)

3. Cambio de casa (2:43)

4. Presencia del padre (0:55)

5. La trinchera infinita / Fotos (3:31)

6. Observando (1:06)

7. En el punto límite (1:41)

8. Tensión infinita (2:44)

9. La trinchera infinita – Final (4:04)

10. La trinchera infinita – Créditos (3:37)

11. Hors Champs (2:55)

Bonus Tracks:

Original Music from the Short-Film MATEOREN AMA

12. Mateoren Ama I (2:33)

13. Mateoren Ama II (2:29)

14. Mateoren Ama III (2:54)