La notte dell’ultimo giorno / Processo per direttissima

Stelvio Cipriani


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Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar presents the premiere presentation of two previously unreleased Stelvio Cipriani groovy scores, both focused on dramas taking place in the Years of Lead (a period of social and political turmoil in Italy that lasted from the late 1960s until the late 1980s).

Adimaro Sala’s LA NOTTE DELL’ULTIMO GIORNO (1974) chronicles the making of a fictional thesis film entitled LA FIAMMATA as director Beppe Banti (Tony Kendall) tries to realize his vision without compromising with the producer or being discouraged by the suicide of his screenwriting partner. Cipriani offers a breezy counterpoint to the emotional trauma of the misunderstood filmmakers with an exciting main theme and a sensual cue for a forbidden affair.

Lucio De Caro’s PROCESSO PER DIRETISSIMA (1972) takes both terrorism and police brutality as the basis of its story, as an assault on a train leads to the arrest of left-wing activist Stefano Baldini (Michele Placido). When his four-day interrogation ends with his death, journalist Cristina Visconti (Ira von Fürstenberg) decides to investigate the story. The program presents Cipriani’s original music as it was written and recorded, before getting spliced up and inserted in the movie in 20-40 second chunks.

Mastered by Claudio Fuiano from first-generation stereo master tapes, the 8-page liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the composer, the films and the scores.



1. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (Preludio) (4:45)

2. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (Titoli) (2:42)

3. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (Come in un sogno) (6:06)

4. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (Barocco allegro) (1:35)

5. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (suggestionata) (1:59)

6. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (inseguimento) (1:34)

7. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (riflessioni dell’anima) (3:03)

8. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (esotica erotica) (3:23)

9. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (in macchina) (2:59)

10. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (intimità) (1:37)

11. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (radio) (3:52)

12. La notte dell’ultimo giorno (finale) (3:06)



13. Processo per direttissima (titoli) (2:13)

14. Processo per direttissima (indagine giornalistica) (2:10)

15. Processo per direttissima (a caccia di scoop) (4:43)

16. Processo per direttissima (la citta’ al tramonto) (1:34)

17. Processo per direttissima (l’indagine continua) (2:11)

18. Processo per direttissima (ll avvocato e la giornalista) (2:49)

19. Processo per direttissima (riflettendo sulla strage) (3:31)

20. Processo per direttissima (funerale di stato) (2:37)

21. Processo per direttissima (bossa processo) (0:45)

22. Processo per direttissima (tema per un avvocato) (3:16)

23. Processo per direttissima (nuove prove) (1:35)

24. Processo per direttissima (ffne del processo) (1:14)

25. Processo per direttissima (finale) (5:08)