Il Viaggio / Amanti (2-CD)

Manuel De Sica


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Quartet Records, Gruppo Sugar and EMI General Music presents two scores by Manuel De Sica for two classic films of his father, Vittorio De Sica: Amanti (aka A Place For Lovers, 1968) and Il viaggio (aka The Voyage, 1974).

Amanti stars Marcello Mastroianni and Faye Dunaway as a doomed couple whose blissful romance is cut short by the woman’s terminal illness. The film features Manuel De Sica’s first ever score, and include a theme song performed by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald. A smooth underscore, Amanti is not just a beautiful score, it’s also a well-crafted jazz album filled with a great love theme and some funky source cues for the high-end parties.

Il viaggio was Vittorio De Sica’s last film; it stars Sophia Loren and Richard Burton as star-crossed lovers who can’t get married due to the rigid laws of Southern Italy. The couples trip through Italy is presented through breath-taking images as well as a sweeping, romantic score characterized by variations of a love theme and a lovely secondary material for Loren’s mournful first marriage. The score program also includes source music arranged by conductor Alessandro Blonksteiner, and a theme song performed by Jerry Vale.

Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the surviving material from Amanti was only released before as part of Manuel De Sica compilation released by DRG Records in the mid-nineties, but this marks the first occasion the Ella Fitzgerald theme song is added to the program. Il viaggio had prior LP and CD release by CAM, but this edition adds the complete score in addition to the album program, including newly discovered material. The 12-page package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the works of the De Sica father and son team in addition to the films and the scores.



The original Album

1. Il Viaggio (2:52)

2. Matrimonio (1:46)

3. La terrazza (3:45)

4. Grand Hotel (1:12)

5. Sulla nave per Napoli (1:56)

6. Cesare e i ricordi (1:43)

7. Notturno per Adriana (2:06)

8. Cesare e Adriana (2:20)

9. Nandino (2:21)

10. Cinema muto di Meliès (1:06)

11. Le gondole (2:10)

12. Amuri Amuri (2:42)

13. Il Viaggio (3:07)

The Complete Film Score

14. Il Viaggio (I) (2:52)

15. Notturno per Adriana (I) (0:23)

16. Notturno per Adriana (II) (1:19)

17. Matrimonio (I) (1:18)

18. Grand Hotel (0:59)

19. Nandino (I) (1:24)

20. Tripoli (Marcia della vittoria) (1:42)

21. Matrimonio (II) (1:14)

22. Matrimonio (III) (0:32)

23. Cinema muto di Meliès (1:06)

24. Césare e i ricordi (1:19)

25. Matrimonio (IV) (0:23)

26. Nandino (II) (0:26)

27. La terrazza (I) (1:32)

28. La terrazza (II) (2:34)

29. La terrazza (III) (0:59)

30. Amuri Amuri (I) (0.33)

31. Notturno per Adriana (III) (0:57)

32. Notturno per Adriana (IV) (0:34)

33. Amuri Amuri (II) (0:27)

34. Il Viaggio (scacciapensieri) (1:00)

35. Il Viaggio (scacciapensieri II) (1:00)

36. Notturno per Adriana (V) (0:42)

37. Notturno per Adriana (VI) (1:12)

38. Sulla nave per Napoli (I) (0:53)

39. Il Viaggio (balletto) (0:16)

40. Il Viaggio (II) (0:49)

41. Le gondole (I) (0:54)

42. Le gondole (II) (2:10)

43. Sulla nave per Napoli (II) (1:26)

44. Notturno per Adriana (VII) (0:28)



The Complete Film Score (cont.)

1. Notturno per Adriana (VIII) (0:28)

2. Il Viaggio (III) (2:00)

3. Notturno per Adriana (IX) (4:03)

4. Grand Hotel (album version) (1:14)

5. Nandino (alternate take) (1:40)

6. Cesare e i ricordi (album version) (1:42)

7. Il Viaggio (album version) (3:02)

8. Matrimonio (album version) (1:44)

9. Nandino (alternate take 2) (1:21)

10. Il Viaggio (versione A) (3:32)

11. Il Viaggio (pianoforte solo) (1:52)

12. Il Viaggio (versione archi) (1:53)

13. Il Viaggio (versione chitarra e orchestra) (1:55)

14. Il Viaggio (versione corno inglese e orchestra) (1:56)

15. Il Viaggio (versione pianoforte e orchestra) (1:52)

16. Il Viaggio (versione chitarra e orchestra con ritmica) (3:10)

17. Il Viaggio (versione con vocalismo) (3:13)

18. Il Viaggio (versione base) (3:14)

19. Il Viaggio (versione americana), Sung by Jerry Vale (3:07)


20. A Place For Lovers, Sung by Ella Fitzgerald (2:45)

21. Amanti (Sax for Two Lovers) (1:39)

22. Amanti (Bossa Nova) (3:47)

23. Amanti (Waltz) (2:36)

24. Amanti (Bitter Truth) (1:28)

25. Amanti (Jazz for Two Lovers) (1:41)

26. Amanti (Rendezvous) (1:55)

27. Amanti (Love Theme) (3:19)

28. Amanti (Conclusion) (3:06)