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Quartet Records and ScreamWorks Records presents the latest horror soundtrack album of Elia Cmiral (Ronin).

The fourth chilling collaboration between composer Elia Cmiral and writer/director Mark Young (Tooth & Nail, The Killing Jar) stars Scout Taylor-Compton and Olivia Luccardi as two girls from a party of six whose celebratory camping trip goes horribly wrong. A mutated virus that turns people into rampaging cannibal zombies pits former friends against each other and it’s up to the remaining survivors to find a way out of the nightmarish scenario.

Featuring a strings ensemble with piano and extended with contemporary electronica, Feral is scored as a drama thriller focusing on the hopeless set-up going from bad to worse. Besides the human characters there is a theme for the haunting, dark and silent forest keeping a grisly secret – the feral virus. The package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score.


  1. Journey Into the Forest (3:09)
  2. Jules Encounters a Feral (2:11)
  3. Alice (3.40)
  4. Camper Chaos (2:54)
  5. Jules Tricked (3:14)
  6. Caught in the Act (3:10)
  7. Fight to the Death (2:55)
  8. The Trek to Recover Jesse (3:36)
  9. Helpless (2:18)
  10. Gine Attacked (1:45)
  11. Alice Tells a Story (1:34)
  12. Brienne is Changing (3:01)
  13. Talbot’s Story (3:52)
  14. The Cellar (2:59)
  15. Run for Your Life (2:49)
  16. Goodbye (4:42)
  17. End Titles (4:00)