El silencio del pantano

Zeltia Montes


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Quartet Records and Zeta Audiovisual present a new score composed by Zeltia Montes (ADIOS, FRAGIL EQUILIBRIO, VILAMOR) for the thriller-drama EL SILENCIO DEL PANTANO (THE SILENCE OF THE SWAMP) Directed by Marc Vigil, the film is about a writer of crime stories discovers than the reality is more criminal than the stories he writes.

Zetia Montes’ provides an intense, exciting and highly vigorous score with thick herrmannesque orchestral colors—lyrical, dark and rhythmic, including a haunting main theme. The music is sensitively performed by the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague under the baton of the Joan Martorell. The package includes liner notes by the composer.


  1. Taxi (3:19)
  2. Las Cañas / The Canes (3:02)
  3. Secuestro / Kidnap (0:55)
  4. Gente Influyente / Important People (1:55)
  5. La Droga / Drugs (3:52)
  6. Lo Siento / I’m Sorry (0:50)
  7. Método / Method (4:01)
  8. Desaparición / Vanished (1:13)
  9. Dónde Está / Where Is He (1:35)
  10. Ondulación / Undulation (2:32)
  11. La Llave / The Key (3:27)
  12. Asesinato Equivocado / Wrong Murder (3:34)
  13. Eliminar Pruebas / Remove Evidence (2:11)
  14. A Mi / To Me (3:42)
  15. O Follas o Te Follan / You Fuck Them or They Fuck You (4:18)
  16. El Silencio del Pantano / The Swamp’s Silence (4:52)