El guardián invisible

Fernando Velázquez


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Quartet Records and A3 Media present the new score composed by Fernando Velázquez (A Monster Calls, Crimson Peak, Mama, The Impossible) for the Spanish thriller-drama directed by Fernando González Molina, based on the popular novel written by Dolores Redondo.

Inspector Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura) heads an investigation which will take her back to Elizondo, the rainy village in the heart of Navarre where she was born, and to which she had hoped never to return. Divided between the rational, procedural part of her job and local myths and superstitions, Amaia must fight off the demons of her past in order to confront the reality of a serial killer on the loose.

Fernando Velázquez provides an intense, exciting and highly vigorous score with thick orchestral colors—lyrical, dark and rhythmic, including a haunting main theme. The music is sensitively performed by the Navarre Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer.


  1. Viaje a Elizondo (1:43)
  2. Ha desaparecido otra niña (2:18)
  3. Los recuerdos de Amaia (2:39)
  4. Otro hallazgo junto al río (5:07)
  5. La historia de Basajaun (6:34)
  6. Investigación (2:11)
  7. El secreto de Freddy (3:16)
  8. No te vayas nunca (3:28)
  9. Atando cabos (4:09)
  10. La lectura del tarot (2:38)
  11. El secreto de Montes (5:25)
  12. Ir al origen (5:18)
  13. Amaia y su madre (4:13)
  14. Hallazgos macabros (7:05)
  15. Los motivos del asesino (3:19)
  16. Algunas explicaciones (6:01)
  17. El guardián invisible (1:01)