Due Cuori, una Cappella

Stelvio Cipriani


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First appearance on CD of one of the most beloved works of Stelvio Cipriani. It is also a key score in his career, being together with Anonimo Veneziano and Dedicato a una Stella a kind of romantic trilogy dominated by a monothematic melody presented in many different variations.

Due Cuori, Una Cappella is an Italian morbid, unexpected and romantic comedy from 1975, directed by Maurizio Luzidi, and starring Renato Pozzetto, Giusi Raspani Dandolo and Renato Pinciroli.

The delicious comedy score of Stelvio Cipriani, one of his best, was released in 1975 in a DeLuxe LP by Cinevox label, including 30 minutes of music, with a selection of 15 tracks. Despite the popularity of the score, the album was soon out-of-print due to the failure of the film in commercial theaters, and the LP value has reached very high prices in the second market. This release includes all the music written and recorded by Cipriani for the film, a total of 73 minutes of music, all of them carefully restored and mastered by Claudio Fuiano.

The package includes a 12-page full color booklet, with liner notes by Gergely Hubay, who discusses the film, the composer and the score.



1. Due Cuori una Cappella (3:14)

2. Luna Park (1:50)

3. Aristide’ s March (1:48)

4. Colpo de Fulmine (1:01)

5. Castel S. Angelo Nuit (1:27)

6. Picnic (3:14)

7. Bidon Ville (1:38)

8. Abhanera (1:32)

9. Toccata, Modifica e Fuga (1:28)

10. Kidnapping (3:39)

11. Victor’s Tango (2:44)

12. Il Colpo (1:43)

13. La Confessione (3:11)

14. Scapricciata D’Amore (2:16)

15. Parking (3:58)


16. Due Cuori una Cappella (alternate mix) (3:14)

17. Parking (marimba intro) (2:49)

18. Colpo de Fulmine (tra due cuori) (2:45)

19. Due Cuori una Cappella (interludio romantico) (0:40)

20. Due Cuori una Cappella (aristide innamorato) (3:16)

21. Luna Park (valzerino) (1:06)

22. Scapricciata D’Amore (dolcemente) (1:52)

23. Il Colpo (una vecchia fisarmonica) (1:39)

24. Il Colpo (buffa pantomima) (1:10)

25. Due Cuori una Cappella (come in un’opera) (1:03)

26. Victor’s Tango (take 1) (1:48)

27. Due Cuori una Cappella (love in lounge) (1:01)

28. Victor’s Tango (take 2) (1:22)

29. Il Colpo (una vecchia fisarmonica 2) (1:42)

30. Due Cuori una Cappella (suspence e tema conduttore) (4:21)

31. Due Cuori una Cappella (ripresa ballabile) (2:21)

32. Due Cuori una Cappella (dolce rendez-vous) (0:58)

33. Castel S. Angelo Nuit (alternate mix) (1:26)

34. Victor’s Tango (take 3) (0:47)

35. Due Cuori una Cappella (happy ending) (1:46)