Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil

Chad Cannon


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Quartet Records and ScreamWorks Records presents the latest horror soundtrack album of Chad Cannon (Paper Lanterns).

Directed by Chris Alonso and Joshua Louis, Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil is about an aspiring journalist named Sam who finds a tree with a very dark history. As her own past has demons that continue to haunt her, she eventually finds out what haunts this ominous tree. Loosely based on real events, the actual tree still stands today.

The film takes you on a ride out of the realm of fantasy and into the realm of true evil. The musical score by Chad Cannon takes the organ, one of the favorite instruments of horror films, and puts an unusual spin on it. By recording and digitally manipulating the sound of a church organ, the score gets a characteristic sound unlike any other horror film from recent memory. The package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score.


  1. The Boy (1:48)
  2. Devil’s Tree Title (2:05)
  3. The Mind of a Killer (3:32)
  4. The Marine (6:01)
  5. Another Victim (4:51)
  6. Something’s Wrong With Rob (1:48)
  7. Samatha Visits the Tree (2:47)
  8. Officer Harris (1:33)
  9. Flashback / Natalie’s Story (3:49)
  10. The Murderer (5:13)
  11. Paranormal Investigators (5:04)
  12. Possessed (3:26)
  13. Aunt Debby’s / Closing Credits (5:49)
  14. The Spirit (0:50)