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Quartet Records presents a whole CD’s worth of showcase from the career of young British composer Christopher Slaski.

Born in 1974, Christopher Slaski built a truly international career over the last few years by sharing his time between his studios in London and Spain. Christopher graduated in Music from Cambridge University where he studied composition with Robin Holloway, then he obtained a postgraduate diploma in Composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London. Slaski also studied conducting with Lawrence Leonard (conductor of the Halle Orchestra) and attended film scoring master classes given by Ennio Morricone at the Academia Chigiana in Sienna and José Nieto in Madrid. Now you can hear for yourself.

The wide variety of cues include a selection of stylistically diverse short film scores such as the Morricone-inspired Who is Florinda Bolkan? or the Legrand-esque You or Me, Lebanon’s most critically acclaimed feature film entitled Rue Huvelin, the Spanish action movie Proyecto Dos, family dramas like La Vergüenza or Hollow or full-blooded comedy scores like Semen, una historia de amor. The compilation doesn’t forget about Christopher’s most requested titles like selections from the Brothers Quay’s The PianoTuner of EarthQuakes or the Bobby Darin biopic Beyond the Sea starring Kevin Spacey.  The program is rounded out by Slaski’s personal tributes to his musical heros like Astor Piazzolla, Michel Legrand, Philippe Sarde or Ennio Morricone. The CD also debuts the mysterious Film Noir Suite, compiled from the rejected film score of I, Anna, completed in 2012.

The album is accompanied by a 12-page booklet written by Gergely Hubai in close collaboration with the composer. The notes describe all the projects in great details, based on the composer’s own recollections of this rich and versatile career.


01. Main Theme from Cuadrilatero (2:50)

02. Main Theme from 5 Millions (1:47)

03. Con Agressione from Proyecto Dos (1:45)

04. Main Title from Rue Huvelin (3:21)

05. Rapido from Proyecto Dos (2:35)

06. Theme from La Vergüenza (2:37)

07. Tenere Sulle Spine from Proyecto Dos (3:52)

08. End Credits from La Vergüenza (2:19)

09. Un Jour De Printemps (2:58)

10. At the Restaurant from Tú o yo (3:43)

11. Misteroso from Proyecto Dos (2:52)

Music from Semen Una Historia de Amor

12. Dieguito’s Theme (2:09)

13. Will She Forgive Him? (1:04)

14. Bicycle Ride / The Swing (1:13)

15. Suite from Beyond The Sea (4:04)

16. End Credits (Tú o yo) (1:40)

17. Seduction from The Pianotuner of Earthquakes (2:47)

18. Dance from El Perro del Hortelano (2:48)

19. Buenos Aires (3:48)

20. End Credits from Hollow (1:48)

Film Noir Suite from I, Anna

21. City at Dawn (2:38)

22. She Goes to Work (1:25)

23. She Takes the Elevator (1:11)

24. Blood On Her Hands (1:26)

25. Main Theme from Who is Florinda Bolkan? (1:58)

26. Romanza (2:01)

Music from Ludoterapia

27. Playing the Game (3:14)

28. End Titles (1:40)

The Frank Lloyd Wright Suite

29. Solar Hemicycle (6:53)

30. Wingspread (5:20)