Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Jerry Fielding


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Celebrating the Jerry Fielding centenary, Quartet Records, in collaboration with MGM,  present the long-awaited remastered CD reissue of BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA (1974), an iconic masterpiece starring Warren Oates and Isela Vega and one of the composer’s most celebrated collaborations with his usual partner, Sam Peckinpah.

The somewhat dark, harsh, cool Mexican flavor and bittersweet colors of Jerry Fielding’s score are the perfect match for this unusual tale of violence, death and revenge – a motion picture that also featured a desperate sense of romanticism as shot by Peckinpah.

This complete edition was originally released by Quartet Records in 2012 and quickly sold out. The album was produced by Nick Redman and remixed from the original multi-tracks elements by Dan Hersch. This new CD edition contains the same program and has been remastered by Chris Malone. The package includes a 16-page booklet with a new in-depth essay by film music writer John Takis.


1. Bring It to Me (1:34)

2. Gathering Information (2:11)

3. Marriage Plans (1:59)

4. Prelude to a Rape (2:12)

5. Bennie’s Revenge (0:57)

6. Killer’s Rhapsody (3:31)

7. Hotel Room (2:10)

8. Requiem for Alfredo (2:01)

9. On the Road (2:36)

10. Night Dig (3:34)

11. Goodbye Elita (1:37)

12. Getting a Head (2:07)

13. Road Kill (1:18)

14. Massacre (1:07)

15. Bennie’s Remorse (2:33)

16. El Jefe (3:25)

17. Bennie and Alfredo (1:11)

18. End Titles (2:17)

Bonus tracks

19. Puerto Rico (2:49)

20. Guatemala (2:29)

21. Elita’s Dream (2:25)

22. Bring It to Me (Part 2; alt.) (0:54)

23. Requiem for Alfredo (alt.) (1:58)

24. The “Hacienda” Suite (12:33)

25. Ranchero Duet (1:49)

26. Jerry and Camille (3:12)