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The legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy supposedly died in 1908 in a shootout with the Bolivian army. The truth is that he’s been hiding in Bolivia for 20 years. And now he has decided to return back home…

For this crepuscular modern wester about the last days of Butch Cassidy, directed by Mateo Gil and starring Sam Shepard, Stephen Rea and Eduardo Noriega, the score has been composed by Lucio Godoy.

Godoy has achieved a beautiful balance in this project by a side composing main melodies of classic flavor, and providing it by other side a melancholy atmosphere in a elegiac tone, with a touch mild of humor and even subtle Latin America references.

Recorded in Budapest with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, and with David Gwynn as guitar soloist. Sam Shepard performed two original songs.


  1. They Were Not There (1:04)
  2. Ain’t No Grave (1:33)
  3. Memories (0:28)
  4. Camino a Potosí (0:50)
  5. Cinco se escapa (1:14)
  6. So You Speak English (0:42)
  7. Miss Etta Place (1:07)
  8. A Dozen Maybe… (1:02)
  9. Dos mulas y un sombrero (0:49)
  10. La mina (1:27)
  11. Shaking Hands (0:44)
  12. Your Uncle Butch (0:41)
  13. Yanna (2:09)##13.Yanna
  14. ¿Dónde está su amigo el español?… (3:23)
  15. Thanks For That (1:21)
  16. I love you both… tell him (1:47)
  17. Take your Burden to the Lord (1:10)
  18. Twenty Years!… (3:12)
  19. Splitting Up (1:52)
  20. Salir del salar (2:21)
  21. Mackinley (2:10)
  22. Until Today… (2:55)
  23. Tupiza (0:48)
  24. Did you Believe That?… (2:15)
  25. Saldremos al amanecer (2:28)
  26. Snow Covered Trees (1:20)
  27. Wayfaring Stranger (1:41)
  28. Blackthorn (1:30)