A Ciascuno il Suo / La Polizia e’ al Servizio del Cittadino?

Luis Bacalov


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Remastered and slightly expanded re-issue of two classic scores by Luis Bacalov (Il Grande Duello, Summertime Killer, Academy Award winner for Il Postino), presented together for the first time.

Elio Petri’s A ciascuno il suo (aka We Still Kill the Old Way, 1967) stars Gian Maria Volanté, Gabrielle Ferzetti and Irene Papas in a beautiful vendetta tale as idealistic university professor Paolo Laurana investigates two strange murders in Sicily while he also fells for one of the widows. The film marked the only collaboration between Petri and Bacalov, who provided a varied and thematically consistent underscore that rangers from a rush romantic melody for Sicily and Laurana to harsh jazz rhythms for the criminal activities. The program also includes four different versions of the memorable Samba tune that was used in the film’s expertly shot finale.

La polizia è al servizio del cittadino? (1974) is a poliziottesco starring Enrico Maria Salerno and Giuseppe Pambieri, giving us an uncompromising look at the operations of a powerful crime syndicate in Genoa. Bacalov’s bustling big city music matches the gritty urban tone of the film with a memorable main theme that lends an almost poetic quality to the violent events. Other themes include a lonesome melody for the policeman whose private life had been ruined by his immersion in crime, plus great action and suspense set pieces following the unorthodox investigation of Inspector Seroni.

These scores had been previously issued by Point Records on separate discs. This new release offers both works in complete form with a better organization of the tracks and estimated chronological order which we only modified to make the disc a better listening experience. The single version of Bacalov’s “Samba” from A ciascuno il suo makes its CD debut here.

The package includes 16-page full color booklet, with extensive liner notes by Gergely Hubai offers brief composer biography, film and score information, plus track-by-track analysis of both scores.



1. A ciascuno il suo (Titoli) (2:35)

2. L´Aggressione (1:22)

3. Samba (4:09)

4. A ciascuno il suo (1:50)

5. Delitto d´onore (1:45)

6. Intrigo (2:26)

7. Sulla Spiaggia (1:52)

8. Pour Reve L´Hiver (2:30)

9. L´Imboscata (1:13)

10. Samba 2 (4:09)

11. L´Aggressione (4:13)

12. Jazz Club (4:18)

13. Tema di Laureana (3:06)

14. Samba 3 (2:54)

15. L´Arresto (2:19)

16. Il sospetto di Laureana (2:41)

17. Samba (Single Version) (2:50)


18. La polizia e´ al servizio del cittadino? (Titoli) (1:41)

19. Un uomo solo contro la città (2:18)

20. Il Killer (2:07)

21. La polizia e´ al servizio del cittadino? (1:21)

22. Il Killer 2 (2:39)

23. Di notte, Genova (2:42)

24. Indagando (2:37)

25. Un uomo solo contra la città (alternate) (1:37)

26. Attesa ossessiva (1:54)

27. La polizia e´ al servizio del cittadino? (1:56)

28. Criminalitá Urbana (3:17)

29. Un uomo sola contra la città (2:22)

30. La polizia e´ al servizio del cittadino? (Finale) (1:35)